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Before you start looking for a house, go to a lender and find out how much money you can borrow and get pre-qualified. That will narrow your search to houses that you can afford.

A 20-percent down payment is ideal because it allows you to avoid costly private mortgage insurance. If you can't afford such a large down payment, consider taking out a
second mortgage that will effectively bring the down payment up to 20 percent.

Such arrangements are often called 10-10-80 loans, which means a 10 percent down payment, a 10-percent second mortgage and an 80-percent first mortgage.


Here's a recipe for unhappy homeownership:
Get a mortgage with an interest rate of 10.5 percent or more.
Find out the mortgage has a pre-payment penalty, meaning that if you refinance you'll have to pay a hefty fee.
Have such a shaky financial situation that you're not sure how you'll make the mortgage payment for the rest of the year.

Unfortunately, that's an accurate picture of what happens to millions of Americans with bad credit who nevertheless manage to buy a house under onerous terms, a new survey by the big mortgage financer Fannie Mae found.
One-third of home equity lines of credit are opened from April through June as borrowers seek cash so they can fix up their houses.
But people don't spend their equity solely on home improvements. They use home equity loans and lines of credit to pay off credit card debt, to buy cars, to cover the kids' tuition and to pay for vacations. Now that the season for tapping equity is upon us, it's a good time to ask two questions: What are proper and improper uses for home equity debt? How much home equity debt is too much?
"With home equity loans, you're placing your home on the line," says Rudy Cavazos, spokesman for Money Management International, a debt-counseling agency with offices in 10 states. "If you default on this loan, you could lose your house."

Cavazos says you have to ask yourself a few questions before getting an equity loan or credit line. The first is to evaluate all the options, including selling things you don't need and borrowing against one's 401(k).

Second, he says, shop around for an equity loan or line of credit. Compare interest rates, fees and rate caps.